Thematic sessions

AA Automotive Applications J. Takahashi.
AaDfDT Analysis and Design for Damage Tolerance R. Butler.
ACS Advanced Computational Strategies F. Chinesta.
AFOSR Sponsored Workshop on Impact of Multifunctionality on Damage Evolution in Composite Materials B.-L. "Les" Lee
CI Composite Interfaces A. Bismarck.
CiF Composites in Fire A.G. Gibson.
CuDL Composites under Dynamic Loading F. Aymerich, V. Lopresto, G. Minak.
DaILR Delamination and Interlaminar Reinforcements M. Hojo, P. Robinson.
DaMoNC Damage and Mechanics of Nanocomposites M. Quaresimin, M. Zappalorto.
EE Environmental Effects M. de Monte, S. Roy.
EPoCFRC Electrical Properties of Continuous Fibre Reinforced Composites S. Florez Fernández, V. Kostopoulos.
FaDoC Fracture and Damage of Composites P. Brøndsted, S. Pinho, B. Sørensen.
FFMaRA Finite Fracture Mechanics and Related Approaches I. García, V. Mantič.
FHC Fibre Hybrid Composites P. Hine, Y. Swolfs.
FoC Fatigue of Composites M. Quaresimin.
GRNCaA Graphene-Related Nanocomposites and Applications C. Galiotis. 
IMC Inorganic Matrix Composites J. Lamon.
JaJ Joining and Joints A. Barroso.
JoTC Joining of Thermoplastic Composites I. Fernández Villegas.
LCMT Liquid Composite Moulding Techniques P. Mitschang, R. Schledjewski.
LS Lattice Structures H. Faria.
M Manufacturing A. Torres Marques.
MaFM Micromechanics and Failure Mechanisms P. Camanho, E. Correa.
MBoTRaPoTC Mechanical Behaviour of Textile Reinforcements and Performance of Textile Composites V. Carvelli, S. Lomov, P. Boisse.
MFC Multifuncional Composites J. Rams, A. Ureña.
NMitCoBaPoCM Numerical Modelling in the Characterization of Behaviour and Properties of Composite Materials L. Távara, V. Mantič.
PoTC Processing of Thermoplastic Composites P. Mitschang, R. Schledjewski, E. Fauster 
RGaCFC Recycling Glass and Carbon Fibre Composites J. Thomason.
SaCoPNC Synthesis and Characterization of Polymeric Nanocomposites S.G. Prolongo, A. Ureña.
ShFC Short Fibre Composites A. Bernasconi, P. Hine.
SHM Structural Health Monitoring A. Güemes.



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